Five tips to start healthy eating

Five tips to start healthy eating

Every year, no matter what, we all have the same resolution – to start eating healthy. We renew the resolution every six months too, but never to abide by it. So here are our top 5 tips that will help you get started with the healthy eating habits.

1. Love fried food? Why not start roasting instead?
From Chicken fingers to french fries to the veggies you love, roast them at high temperatures rather than frying them. It will still give you a flavourful crispy effect with much lesser oil.

2. When at a party, have a glass of water after every drink
Wonder what that will help you for? It will help you stay hydrated and consume much lesser calories.

3. Make smarter snacking choices
Spending over eight hours at work means munching on processed snacks a lot of times. Make better snack choices and make them a part of your daily routine.

4. Illusion with smaller plates
When you pick up larger plates or serving bowls for your meal, the quantity looks smaller and you feel less satisfied.

5. Have at least one green smoothie a day
Smoothies are an excellent way to get started with your day. They will help you satisfy your sugar cravings, cleanse your colon and provide your body with plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep you energized and happy.


  1. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are critical for proper functioning and without these, your body and mind will start to deteriorate much faster than usual. For children, this is particularly significant because having healthy eating habits determines optimal development. I am a nutritional therapist specialising in child nutrition and want to spread the word of eating healthy and making sure your children do too. I can help you come up with a plan for this and your children will definitely feel brighter and energized,

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