Four simple ways to make your water less boring

Four simple ways to make your water less boring

All of us know water’s good for your body. It adds fuel to your metabolism, so you burn more calories all day. It improves your skin and keeps you energized. Here are four ways to make your regular water bottle interesting and tasty. Make your water less boring!

1. Black tea

Black tea: Contains catechins, flavonoids that can improve cardiovascular health and may help prevent cancer
Green tea: Helps you burn fat easily, lowers your risk of heart disease and reduces your risk of lung cancer
Ginger tea: Help you soothe your stomach and ease arthritis pain.

2. A fruity twist

Try the typical lemon and lime mixture in your water, but give it a twist with sliced berries, cherries, mangoes or oranges

3. Add slices of cucumber

Cucumber is great for skin and is great for vitamin B-5, which is a treat to acne.

4. Mint it

Tear up some fresh mint leaves and drop it in your water bottle, leave it in for a few minutes before drinking.

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