Why being healthy at work is important?

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Health has to always be your number one priority. Most of us work over six days X 8 hours, which mean we spend most of our lifetime at work, making it more important to ensure you stay fit and healthy.

If your job is mostly at the desk, ensure your seating posture does harm your body. From the distance of your monitor to the position of your keyboard to the mouse, everything matters.

Also, ensure you take regular breaks. Maybe even go for a walk to get some flow of fresh air rather than the poor office ventilation due to the air-con.

Eat regular and balanced meals. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, which will keep you going for the rest of the day or at least until your lunch break. Be aware of the ‘Candy Bowl Syndrome’ when you keep munching on your favourite snacks. Everyone loves a treat, but it’s always important you balance it out.

Finally and most importantly, lower your work stress, mental health is equally important. Observe your stress, and defuse with some deep breathing or a quick walk around the block.

These are just a few of our suggestions. You must also stay active, give your eyes some rest and occasionally go on holidays as well.

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